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Water Meter Read Sewer Cleaning Stormwater Drainage

The City of Lakewood provides sewer and water service in a limited area in the north part of Lakewood.  Several other entities provide water and sewer service throughout the rest of the City. More information:  map of water providersmap of sewer providerswater and sewer providers list.

Other Utilities

Other utilities are provided by the entities listed below.  The list may not be complete because some utilities have been deregulated and new entities may begin providing service at any time.


Cable TV Franchise



Electricity/Natural Gas Franchise Holder



Private Irrigation Companies

Lakewood Irrigation Ditch Providers



Telecommunications services are not provided by the City and multiple providers are available for some areas.  Please consult the Internet or a phone book.



Several private trash collection companies operate within Lakewood.  See a list of commercial waste haulers licensed to do business in Lakewood.


You may want to visit with your neighbors and consider using the same collection company to decrease the number of trash trucks driving on your street and to minimize the days each week when trash is collected in your neighborhood. 

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