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Stormwater Quality

To report spills or illegal dumping into storm drains call 303-980-7300.  


Lakewood's efforts to protect water quality in our streams and rivers.  


How much do you know about Stormwater Pollution?  


Urban stormwater runoff and its effect on water quality.


Chlorine Kills Vegetation


Bear Creek Watershed Association

Colorado Non-Point Source Program

Colorado Stormwater Regulations

Colorado State University Stormwater Center

Colorado Stormwater Council  


The City of Lakewood, along with other local governments along the Front Range, protects the quality of its water.  Under the National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) permitting program, the City is required to identify and eliminate the sources of pollution that enter the storm sewer system and discharge to the waterways.  


When it rains, contaminants like litter, animal waste, automobile fluids, fertilizers and pesticides make their way into storm drains and pollute nearby streams, creeks, rivers and lakes.  Stormwater pollution can create health risks for children, kill aquatic life and contribute to neighborhood flooding.  By controlling what enters neighborhood storm drains, we can reduce the pollutants entering gulches, creeks and rivers.

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Stormwater Quality
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