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Property Management and Land Acquisition

The Property Management Division performs a variety of duties related to real property matters. Responsibilities include acquisitions of land and real property interests necessary to meet the needs of the City, such as land for parks and open space, city facilities, rights-of-way, easements, license agreements, leases and lease purchases. Additionally, technical assistance is provided in the review of subdivisions, annexations, site plans and other land use applications as they relate to legal descriptions, drawing requirements, signature authorizations and ownership verification.

The Property Management Division creates, maintains and updates data files for real property matters, including development-related cases and City land acquisitions. These data files, maps and GIS are used to respond to internal and external requests for information regarding City land matters.

Official property ownership records are maintained by the Jefferson County Assessor. Records are available through the Jefferson County Assessor Property Records Search.

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Property and Purchasing Manager
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Right-of-Way Agent
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Right-of-Way Agent
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