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Probation Division Overview

The Probation Division supervises and monitors both juvenile and adult offenders. Probation officers assess each individual case, refer defendants to classes or counseling, make recommendations to the court and manage the case for a determined amount of time. The Probation Division manages all supervised deferred judgment, probation and community service cases. The Probation Division also offers programs for youth. 




The Diversion program is for first time offenders of non traffic offenses. It is an agreement offered by the prosecutor's office, and approved by a judge where a guilty plea is entered, held in abeyance and eventually dismissed upon completion of specific terms set by the Probation Division. The goal of the Diversion Program is to reduce the incidence of recidivism. We believe that early intervention and expedient consequences meet the community’s need to know that something of consequence has happened and minimizes recidivism.




Probation is a program available for individuals with past criminal histories or those individuals convicted after a trial. The Probation Division recommends a specific set of terms to the Judge. Once approved, the case is held in a probationary status for a set period. The case is closed upon successful completion of the program.

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