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Lakewood Police Communications (Dispatch)


The Lakewood Police Department along with seven other agencies have joined together to create the Jefferson County Communications Center Authority.

Jeffcom is a newly consolidated communications center serving as a vital link between emergency services and the community in Jefferson County.  Jeffcom works with local fire, police and emergency medical service providers to dispatch the appropriate emergency responders, as well as to provide support for public safety education.

This new communications center utilizes the latest technology to provide efficient and safe responses, as well as excellent service to hundreds of thousands of residents in Jefferson County.

Residents won’t have to do anything new or different when faced with an emergency situation. Simply dial 9-1-1 for emergencies.

For non-emergency phone calls within the city of Lakewood please dial 303-987-7111 to listen to a phone tree.  There are nine options within the phone tree.  Feel free to select the option that best suits your needs.


  •       Press 1- If Emergency or need an officer to respond
  •       Press 2- Records
  •       Press 3- Desk
  •       Press 4- Courts
  •       Press 5- Animal Control
  •       Press 6- Fingerprinting Information
  •       Press 7- Investigations (Investigations Phone Tree)
    • Press 1- Victim Advoca
    • Press 2- Family Crimes
    • Press 3- Major Crimes
  •       Press 4- Economic Crimes existing cases only.  
  •       Press 5- Burglary
  •       Press 6- Theft
  •       Press 7- Juvenile or SRO
  •       Press 8- Crimes Against Children
  •       Press 8- Sex Offender Information
  •       Press 9- Jefferson County Jail Inmate Lookup
  •       Press 0- Repeat Menu


While Jeffcom will provide efficiencies for communities and residents, it does not replace important programs like Smart911, CodeRed and Text-to-911 that are already in place. These programs work together to provide every possible method to help those in need.


For More information regarding the Jefferson County Communications Center Authority please visit

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