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Junk and Rubbish

Outdoor storage is not allowed on residential properties. Items such as a barbeque grill, patio furniture and stacked firewood are allowed. Other items, such as appliances, auto parts, waste building materials and household furnishings, must be stored in a garage or shed. See the ordinance for information regarding garbage, trash, refuse, trash containers and storage area.

Garbage, trash and refuse must be removed at least once per week to prevent accumulation.

Trash containers, as explained in the ordinance, may be metal or plastic or commercial-type dumpsters with lids. Trash bags may be used; however, if they become ripped by handling or animals, trash cans must be used. All containers must be stored on private property and may be placed curbside for collection for no more than 48 hours. The area around the trash storage area must also be kept clean at all times.

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