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Policies and Procedures

The Lakewood Police Department is guided by a number of rules and regulations, which are listed in our Policy and Procedure Manual. This manual is available online in Adobe PDF format. Choose from the categories in the subject column, then the specific topics within those categories.


Please Note: The website manual is periodically updated. This may result in the current policies and procedures differing from those on this site. If you need the most current version, please request the manual through our Records Department at the Lakewood Police Station. For more information click on the "Police Records" menu option on the left. 


Document Index
Document ID Subject Description
PP-1000 Guiding Principles Mission statement, Core values and Goal and Objectives
PP-1004 Police Accreditation Police Accreditation
PP-1012 Code of Ethics Code of Ethics PP-1012 through PP-1067
PP-2000 Department Organization Department Organization Chart (08/09)
PP-3000 Administration Directive system, Department Manual, Planning for Special Events, Staff Review.
PP-3100 Internal Affairs Commendations, Allegations, Investigations of Allegations, Inquiries, Divisional Discipline, Employee rights, Adjudications, Final Dispositions, Performance Audit, Vehicle Collisions, Purge Policy
PP-3200 Physical Fitness Medical Exams, Fitness standards, fitness testing, Duty Fitness Review Board, Drug Testing
PP-3300 Performance Evaluation System Probationary Period, Employee Logs, Performance Evaluations
PP-3400 Awards Awards to Employees, Citizen Awards, Awards Review Board
PP-3410 Discipline Discipline, Grievances
PP-3412 Employee Death/Injury notification Notification of Relatives and Fellow Employees upon Employee Injury or Death
PP-3413 Employee Plaques Departing Employee Plaques
PP-3421 Leave Scheduling Leave Scheduling
PP-3422 Civil Suits Civil Suits
PP-3423 Planning Planning, Administrative Reporting Program
PP-3425 Correspondence External Correspondence, Internal Correspondence, Forms Control System, Notary Public Commissions
PP-3500 Budget Budget, Expenditures, Cash Funds
PP-3600 Career Development Program Career Development Program, Career Counseling, Education
PP-3700 Promotional Process Promotional Process, Sergeant, Commander, Division Chief
PP-3710 Revolving Administrative Support Program Revolving Administrative Support Program
PP-3720 Computer Software Computer Software, Mobile Data Terminals (mobile Data Computers), Newcom, CCIC, NCIC, DOR, Internet access
PP-4001 Commander's On-Call Responsibility Commander's On-Call Responsibility
PP-4002 Arrest Standards Arrest Standards, Arrests of Foreign Nationals, Biased Based Profiling, Liaison with Criminal Justice System, Diversion Programs
PP-4010 Line Inspections Line Inspections, City Equipment Use, Operational Readiness of Equipment, Data Files, Police Uniform, Command Staff Uniform, Supply of uniforms, Alterations, Replacement, Cleaning, Service Stripes, Return, Badge, Identification Card, Body Armor, Personal Grooming, Honor/Color Guard
PP-4100 Community Interaction Community Interaction, Liaison by Commanders, Community Oriented Problem Solving, Department Speakers
PP-4120 News Media Relations News Media Relations, On-scene News Media Relations, Other Police Agencies and Jurisdictions
PP-4140 On-Duty Agents Enforcement Responsibilities On-Duty Agents Enforcement Responsibilities, Outside of City, Outside of state, Concurrent Jurisdiction
PP-4200 Off-Duty Employment Off-Duty Employment, Extra-Duty Employment, Eligibility, Application, Administration, Voucher form, Charges for Extra Duty
PP-4210 Sworn On-Call Assignments Sworn On-Call Assignments
PP-4211 Overtime Overtime
PP-4220 Telephone Calls Telephone Calls
PP-4221 Field Interviews Field Interviews
PP-4230 Domestic Violence Domestic Violence, Protection Orders, EPO's for Domestic Violence, Employees subject to terms of a Protection Order
PP-4300 Traffic Enforcement Traffic Enforcement, Collision Response, Private Property Accidents, Code 6, Collisions Involving Public Utilities, Involving City vehicles and On-Duty Employees, Scene Control, Traffic Control Safety, Direction, Point and Manual Traffic control, Manual and Temporary Traffic Control Devices, Special Event Traffic Control, Summons and Complaint Forms, Summons Cancellations and Corrections, Off Road Vehicles
PP-4320 Infectious Diseases Infectious Diseases
PP-4321 Legal Advisor Notification Legal Advisor Notification
PP-4322 Armory/Ordinance Armory/Ordinance
PP-4323 Department Vehicle Repairs Department Vehicle Repairs, Seatbelt use
PP-4325 Informants Informants
PP-4400 Transfer and Rotation of Police Agents Transfer and Rotation of Police Agents, Review of Specialized Assignments, Transfer and Rotation of Sergeants
PP-4500 Use of Force-General Policy Use of Force-General Policy, Use of Physical force, Deadly force, Notifications firearms, Notifications other, Post Critical Incident Trauma
PP-4507 Fatal Incident Protocol Fatal Incident Protocol
PP-4508 Use of Force Review Board Use of Force Review Board
PP-4509 Police Vehicle Operation Police Vehicle Operation, Pursuits, Interjurisdictional Pursuits, Roadblocks, Tire Deflation Device
PP-4514 Less Lethal Force Less Lethal Force, Munitions, Pepperball, Taser, Chemical Agents, Baton
PP-4600 Field Investigations Criminal Field Investigations Criminal, Preliminary Investigations, Follow-up Investigations, Investigations Division Call-Out, Traffic Investigations Call-Out, Crime Scene Photography and Sketches, Collection of Evidence for Lab, Controlled Substances Test Kits, Juvenile Offenders, Eyewitness Identification, Hate Crimes,Gang Enforcement
PP-4700 Property Booking Property Booking, Alternative Storage Facilities, Packaging of Booked Property, Evidence Container Sealing, Controlled Substances, Money, Bicycles, Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, Documents, Wet Articles, Volatile Fluids, Alcoholic Beverages, Nonvolatile fluids, Knives, Razors, Sharps, Glass, Human Body Parts, Sexual Assault clothing and Exams, Unsafe Property, Property Evidence Report, Analysis of Property, Removing Property, Removing Property for Court, Removal of Controlled Substances, Money Removal, Final Disposition, Electronic/Digital Evidence, Image recording Media, Recovered Property by Volunteers, License Plates
PP-4740 Owner Requests for Tow Owner Requests for Tow, Impounding Vehicles, Recovered Stolen Vehicles, Abandoned Vehicles Public and Private Property, Inoperable Vehicles, Obstructing Traffic, Motorist Assists, Vehicles Involving Contraband, Vehicle Holds, Emergency Impounds
PP-4800 Prisoner Arrest Control/Transport Prisoner Arrest Control/Transport, Prisoner Processing, Transporting, Property, Booking, Inquiry, Responsibility for Prisoner Booking, Fingerprint Cards, Booking Logs, Elimination Fingerprinting, Mug Photographs, Criminal Impersonation, Bonding, Incarceration Procedures, Body/Strip Searches, Prisoner Lodging, Hospital Detention of Prisoners, Security During Judicial Proceedings
PP-4819 Use of Touch Print Fingerprints on Summonses Use of Touch Print Fingerprints on Summonses
PP-4820 Temporary Detention Temporary Detention, Mental Health Emergency Service, Holding Cell Supervision
PP-4850 Carrying Weapons Carrying Weapons, Primary Handguns, Secondary Handguns, Off-Duty Weapons, Shotguns and Urban Rifles, Weapons Inspections, Weapons Qualifications, Ammunition, Leather Equipment, Concealed Carry Permits for Retired Agents
PP-4870 Critical Incidents Critical Incidents, Civil Disputes, Labor Management Disputes, Civil Disturbances, Emergency and Special Operations, Emergency Preparedness, National Incident Command System, Incident Command System, ICS Command Function, ICS Operations Function, ICS Planning Function, ICS Logistics Function, ICS Finance/Administration Function
PP-4909 Riots Riots, Mass Arrests, Field Processing of Mass Arrests, Mass Arrest Reports
PP-4913 Mutual Aid Mutual Aid, Requests of Lakewood, By Lakewood
PP-4920 Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Selection of SWAT Personnel, Tactical Team Standards, Equipment, Negotiations, Training, VIP Security and Protection, High Risk Warrants, Tactical Emergency Medical Support Team (TEMS), Press Releases
PP-4940 Hazmat Incidents Hazmat Incidents,Hazmat Team, Selection of Team Agents, Vehicle and Equipment, Press Releases
PP-4945 Peer Support Group Peer Support Group
PP-4950 Duties of Officers to Serve/Execute Legal Process Duties of Officers to Serve/Execute Legal Process
PP-4960 Investigative Task Forces Investigative Task Forces
PP-5000 Office of the Chief of Police Office of the Chief of Police, Legal Advisor, Request for Legal Opinion, Public Information Officer, Employee Funeral Procedure
PP-6000 Professional Standards Section Professional Standards Section, Training Unit, Training Committee, Training Instructors, Recruit Academy, Field Training Agent Program, Roll Call Training, In-Service, Remedial, Specialized, Advanced, Civilian, Training Requests, Visiting Officer In-Service, Arrest Control, Library, Student Intern Program
PP-6030 Personnel Recruitment and Selection Personnel Recruitment and Selection, Employment Record Requests, Rehiring of Former Agents, Lateral Entry Program
PP-6040 Court Liaison Unit Court Liaison Unit
PP-7000 Support Services Division Support Services Division, Communication Section, Customer Service Philosophy, Relationships with Co-Workers, Teamwork, Communications Section Operations, Telephone Procedures, Recordings, Fire Department Calls, Wanted, Registration, and Criminal History Checks, Fireworks, Bomb Threats, Case Report Numbering, Communications Security, Emergency Warning Systems, Emergencies, Verification and Notifications, Siren System, Emergency Alert System (EAS), Emergency Preparedness, Daily Activity Log, Custody Log, Equipment Repair Log, Interpreters, deaf or hard of hearing, Victim/Witness Assistance Services Referral, Service Referral Agencies
PP-7200 Records Section Records Section, Police Records, Records Release, Records Release Confidential Reports, Release of Criminal Justice Records, Disposal of Records, Photographs, Records Section Access, Case Report Distribution from Records Section, News Release Information, Corrections, National Incident Based Reporting, Summons Check Out, Summons Transmittal to Courts, Summons Corrections/Cancellations, Summons Audit Logs, Warrant Procedures, Computerized Criminal History Records, Municipal Court Bonds, County Court Bonds, Pretrial Information for DA, Vehicle Release, Juvenile Records, Audit of PD Central Records Computer System
PP-7300 Planning and Analysis Unit Planning and Analysis Unit, Seizure Funds
PP-7400 Property Services Section Property Services Section, Receiving Property at the Property Services Section, at an Alternate Storage Facility, Transporting Property to CBI, Releasing Property to Owners, to Finders, Releasing Prescription Medication, Transferring Property to Purchasing, Transferring Money to Accounting, Disposing of Firearms, Transferring Handguns for Parts, for Training, to CBI, Destroying Property, Drug Destruction Task Force, Temporary Release, Control Notices, Resolving Discrepancies, for Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, and Money, Inspections and Audits, Property Control Security, Independent Inspections, Off-Site Storage, Official Police Garage, Storage and Issue of Uniforms, Equipment, and Forms, Cleaning Bills
PP-7600 Code Enforcement Team Operations Code Enforcement Team Operations
PP-8000 Investigations Division Investigations Division, Operations, Organization, Responsibilities of Division Chief, Division Commanders, Team Supervisors, and Detectives
PP-8007 Reports Flow and Distribution Reports Flow and Distribution, Case Management, Case Status, DA Case Filings, Vehicle Procedures, Truth Verification Examinations, Interview Recording, Internet Policy
PP-8100 Crimes Against Persons Section Crimes Against Persons Section, Persons Team, Homicide and Questionable Death Investigations
PP-8103 Sexual Assault Investigation Procedure Sexual Assault Investigation Procedure
PP-8104 Persons Team Call Out Persons Team Call Out
PP-8105 Missing Persons Procedures Missing Persons Procedures
PP-8106 Sex Offender Registration Procedures Sex Offender Registration Procedures, Community Notification Procedures
PP-8108 Cold Case Investigation Cold Case Investigation
PP-8150 Juvenile Crime Unit Juvenile Crime Unit, Runaway and Missing Juveniles, School Resource Officer and School Liaison, Juvenile Detention Hearings, Status Offenders, Diversion for Juvenile Involved Cases, Case Disposition Options, Disposition of Juvenile Cases, Found and Stolen Bicycles, RJO and SHODI Program
PP-8160 Crimes Against Children Team Crimes Against Children Team, Child Abuse Investigations, Team Call Out
PP-8170 Victim Assistance Unit Victim Assistance Unit, Victim/Witness Contact, Analysis of Services, Services for Traumatic Events, Expected Services to Victim, Next of Kin Notification, Liaison Function, Informing Employees of Victim/Witness Program, Training for Personnel, Minimum Service Provided, Assistance for those who experience on-going Victimization, Services during Preliminary Investigation, during Follow-up Investigations, to Personnel and their Families, Crisis Intervention Services
PP-8186 Crime Analysis Section Crime Analysis Section
PP-8200 Crimes Against Property Section Crimes Against Property Section, Economic Crimes Unit, Identity Theft, Fugitive Warrant Administration, Warrant Procedural Flow, Accountability and Security of Warrants, NCIC Entries, Interstate Extradition, Intrastate Extradition, Municipal Arrest Warrants, Arson Detail
PP-8240 Theft Team, Burglary Team, SIU, Narcotics Unit Theft Team, NCIC/CCIC Entry and Cancellation Verification, Motor Vehicle Theft Investigations, Burglary Team, Pawn Shop Management, Special Investigation Unit, Narcotics Unit, Reporting (Special Investigations Unit), Investigative Funds, Investigation Responsibilities, Undercover Procedures
PP-8300 Criminalistics Section Criminalistics Section, Van, Evidence Collection, CSI's, Photography and Film Distribution, Photography and Imaging Formats, Photography with Cell Phone, of Latent Prints, of Chemically Developed Latent Prints, use of Gray Scale, Victim Photography, Composite Drawing, Latent Print Processing, GSR, Latent Disposition, Assisting other Agencies, Requests for Assistance from Outside Agencies, Parolee Booking, Courtesy Fingerprinting, Sex Offender Initial Registration, SXO Pre Registration and Change of Address, SXO De-Registration
PP-9000 Patrol Division, Radio Communications Patrol Division, Radio Communications
PP-9020 Alarms Alarms
PP-9030 Telephone Reporting Telephone Reporting
PP-9040 Cellular Telephones Cellular Telephones, Internet Reporting, Amber Alerts, IAQ, JAC Transport and Emergency Procedure
PP-9050 Emergency Messages Emergency Messages
PP-9100 Patrol Operations Patrol Operations, Desk Agent, Civic Center Alarms, Major and Minor Crime Scene Investigations, Bar Checks, Intoxication Detention
PP-9113 Driving Under the Influence Driving Under the Influence, Breath Testing, Urine Testing, Mail in Blood Kits, Sobriety Checkpoints
PP-9121 Push Bars Push Bars
PP-9122 Ride-Along Program Ride-Along Program
PP-9123 Juvenile Drinking Parties Juvenile Drinking Parties
PP-9124 Vehicle Stop Procedures Vehicle Stop Procedures, High Risk Vehicle Contact
PP-9126 Automatic License Plate Recognition System (ALPR) Automatic License Plate Recognition System (ALPR)
PP-9127 Patrol Vehicle Pretrip Patrol Vehicle Pretrip
PP-9128 Request for Driver Reexamination Request for Driver Reexamination
PP-9130 Roll Call Roll Call, Patrol Deployment, Patrol Reports, Armory Inventory
PP-9200 Animal Control Team Operations Animal Control Team Operations, Animal Control Vehicles
PP-9210 Escorts Escorts
PP-9300 Community Service Officer Program Community Service Officer Program, Community Service Officer Vehicles
PP-9400 K-9 Program K-9 Program
PP-9500 Traffic Team Traffic Team, Motorcycle Agents
PP-9502 Bicycle Patrol Bicycle Patrol
PP-9601 Department Volunteer Program Department Volunteer Program, Volunteer Surveillance Team, Neighborhood Watch Program, Operation Identification
PP-9605 Explorer Program Explorer Program
PP-9606 Trespass Notice Trespass Notice
PP-9607 Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
PP-9700 Special Enforcement Team (SET) Special Enforcement Team (SET)


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