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Early Head Start

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What is Early Head Start home visitor program?

Early Head Start provides early, continuous and comprehensive child development and family support services. This includes:

  • Helping a child grow and develop in a safe and enriching environment
  • Supporting parents in their role as the primary caregiver and teacher of their children
  • Providing opportunities for families and children to connect and support each other
  • Supporting families to meet personal goals
  • Working with communities to provide valuable resources


Who does Early Head Start serve?

This program is designed to serve the same families as our preschool-aged Head Start program. The same families that qualify for Head Start, can qualify for Early Head Start (EHS).


Expectant mothers and children from 0-3 years are eligible for enrollment. After 3 years of age, we work with the family to transition the child to our traditional Head Start classroom.


About Early Head Start

Home Visits
Each week, your home visitor will work with you and your child. Home visitors provide activities, work with you to develop individual and family goals and design a plan to work toward those goals. They also provide resources in your community that include: housing, food banks, employment, schooling, child programs and more.


PACT Activities
PACT activities provide an opportunity for families to connect with other families in their community. Activities are engaging and age-appropriate. Occasionally, guest speakers will attend to talk about other services available to you in the community. PACT activities occur twice a month at locations to within the community.



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