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Department History

Ray Ross Field
In 1969, at the time of the City of Lakewood’s incorporation, there were eight parks within the city limits, totaling 80 acres of land, no recreation centers, no recreation programs, no golf courses and no cultural activities. With the guidance and partnership of elected officials, citizens, staff members, and local businesses, agencies and organizations, the Department of Community Resources is proud to now offer the citizens of Lakewood a full a range of programs and facilities.

In 2000, the City of Lakewood began the process of taking over the recreation and park facilities owned by Foothills Park and Recreation District that were located within the Lakewood boundary. The citizens of Lakewood voted to have the City take over these facilities which are now operated by the Department of Community Resources.

Those 80 acres and 8 parks have grown to be 99 parks, encompassing 7,162 acres or approximately 25% of the total acres comprising the City of Lakewood. We also offer over 1,800 different programs and activities that range from softball leagues to theater performances, fitness classes to art shows, weight conditioning to ballet. There are now 4 Recreation Centers, 3 indoor pools, one splash park, one rehab pool, 3 outdoor pools, 37 tennis courts, 2 golf courses, a swim beach, 2 skateboard features, 1 cultural center theater, 2 indoor climbing walls, 36 miles of bikeways and trails, 2 community gardens, 56 sports fields, 16 lakes and reservoirs, a marina, a campground, more than 30,000 trees and over 650 acres of turfgrass are maintained.

Master Plan

Eleventh Avenue Head Start Playground

On April 28th, the Community Resources Master Plan was officially approved by City Council as the guiding document for parks, arts and culture, recreation and golf programs, services and facilities.  In late 2006, the management team of the Department of Community Resources, partnering with our consultant GreenPlay LLC, began to develop a new master plan. The planning process started with a needs assessment to solicit community opinions regarding park and recreation needs, attitudes, and behaviors.  A survey was sent to a random sample of Lakewood residents and a survey of high school students was also conducted.

In May of 2007, GreenPlay conducted three public meetings to obtain public input for the master plan.  Participants were asked to identify and discuss key issues, opportunities, and priorities for parks and recreation in Lakewood. In June 2007, GreenPlay LLC surveyed and analyzed all Lakewood parks, facilities and programs.  They looked for:

  • Levels of Service - i.e. measuring the quantity and quality of recreational experiences available to residents at any given location and the proximity and ease of access to the opportunities.
  • Community Demographics
  • Current and future trends

In October 2007, GreenPlay LLC compiled a draft findings report that summarized the needs assessment, public input, and inventory and analysis pieces. The report in the draft format was discussed with the public on November 14, 2007.

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