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City Clerk's Office
Civic Center South
480 S. Allison Pkwy
Lakewood, CO 80226
Direct: 303-987-7080
City Clerk
Margy Greer
City Clerk / Secretary to City Council and Election Official
Direct: 303-987-7080 | Email:
Office Staff
Joyce Wamboldt
Medical Marijuana Licensing Specialist / Joyce Wamboldt
Direct: 303-987-7084 | Email:
Jessica Claussen
Public Records Request Coordinator / Business Support Specialist
Direct: 303-987-7079 | Email:
Bernadette Salazar
Business Support Specialist
Direct: 303-987-7048 | Email:
Boards and Commissions
Ethen Westbrook
Business Specialist II
Direct: 303-987-7661 | Email:
Liquor Licenses
Joyce Wamboldt
Liquor Licensing Specialist
Direct: 303-987-7084 | Email:
Lenora Moore
Liquor Inspector
Direct: 303-987-7083 | Email:
Greg Buchanan
Central Records Manager
Direct: 303-987-7093 | Email:
Greg Buchanan
Document Imaging Technician
Direct: 303-987-7093 | Email: