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Title 18 - Minerals

Chapter 18.01 - Mineral Deposits
18.01.010 Protection of commercial mineral deposits
Any property within the city, or proposed for annexation to the city, located within an area designated in the Colorado Geological Survey Atlas of Sand, Gravel, and Quarry Aggregate Resources Colorado Front Range Counties, Revised 1975, as containing mineral deposits for which an application is made for zoning, rezoning, platting, variance, or other official city action, which, if granted, would permit the use of the property in a manner that would interfere with the present or future extraction by an extractor of a commercial mineral deposit, as such term is defined in Colorado Revised Statutes 1973, Section 34-1-302(1), shall be subject to the following requirements:
A. The applicant for such action shall file with the Director of the Department of Planning, Permits and Public Works as part of its application, a written statement from the Colorado Geological Survey that the property, or that portion which is to be developed in a manner that would preclude extraction, does not contain commercial mineral deposits.
B. No official action or inaction shall be taken by the city on any application which, if granted, would preclude the extraction of commercial mineral deposits in violation of state law. (Ord. O-91-59 § 22, 1991; Ord. O-82-163 § 1, 1982).