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City Manager's Office

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What We Do

The City Manager’s Office is at the center of City operations. It is unique because it is responsible for the design, implementation and oversight of all programs necessary to meet the City Council's mission, commitment to residents and Core Community Values. The City Manager’s Office sets the standards for the City organization to provide quality service to the public. It also provides the executive management, leadership, guidance and support for the City government and oversees the City's image and reputation.


Citizen Assistance
Open, honest communication with Lakewood residents is a Core Community Value for Lakewood City Council members. These values guide employees' interactions with residents, businesses and community members. As part of that communication, the City Manager's Office works to answer resident requests for services, along with their complaints and questions. The Citizen Outreach Specialist works with staff throughout the City to respond to these requests and concerns and tracks them to ensure a timely response and resolution. If you need assistance, please visit

Public Information & Media Relations
In support of City Council's Core Community Value to communicate openly with residents, the City Manager's Office staff offers public information about the City through a variety of media, including printed publications, web site, government-access TV, electronic newsletters, citizen assistance and special projects. You can find this information on our Stay Informed page or view news releases in the newsroom.

Economic Development
Lakewood works hard to strengthen its dynamic, diverse business community – supporting small and large businesses, attracting new business, creating and retaining jobs and marketing our community. These efforts are coordinated through the City Manager's Office to sustain a strong economic base while maintaining Lakewood’s quality of life and vitality.

Graphic Design & Print Services
Creating attractive, contemporary, effective designs is integral to conveying information about the City. Graphic design is provided through the City Manager’s Office by creating and producing publications, brochures, advertising, logos, photos, presentations, signs, and special projects. These services are also available to Lakewood nonprofit organizations. Please call (303) 987-7050 for more information.
Additionally, the City Manager’s Office supervises the City’s internal print shop, which handles the majority of printing needs for the City, such as police forms, budget documents, posters, business cards and letterhead. When necessary, the City Manager’s Office provides expertise in finding vendors for printing, photography and sign projects that can’t be done in-house. 
• Administrative Support
Administrative assistants are among the first points of contact Lakewood residents have with the City.  These employees are critical to providing important information to the public and delivering needed support to Lakewood staff members and City Council members.


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